Curriculum and Methodology

The academics at Flourish are based on a broad and balanced CBSE curriculum and assess students on their overall learning and development throughout the session which is divided into two terms – Mid and Annual.

Classes in the Kindergarten focus on a beginning practice of recognition and concept-based learning through visuals, audio, practical exercises as well as practices of developing communication skill and cultural education. Children are exposed to the world of things around them unfolding in a friendly and comprehensive manner.

Children in the primary years are trained to think and learn through introduction of basic environment and processes around them, exploring the methods, logics and outcomes of each. Role-plays and informative visuals aid to provide creative learning to students. Thereby, they are subjected to express their learning through presentations and discussions and thus harness maximum knowledge of the subjects.

Classes in the middle years are entirely suited to promote and encourage collaborative learning where each individual is being taught to explore and research relevant content, discover new ideas and questions and develop their own theories. An approach that develops academic, creative, social and moral learning is adapted for the adolescent minds that helps mould for the higher classes. Seminars, demonstrations and performing arts aid in achieving the learning goals of the middle grades.