Infrastructure and Support System

School is the second home and rightly so. Since children spend many hours at school, we have tried our best to provide a conducive and secure environment for them which encourages learning and focuses on the physical and mental well-being of students. Along with basic amenities and secured CCTV surroundings, the key infrastructure includes the colourful interiors, which speak of the lively experience that the kids have at school. A minutely planned, spacious, functional building with well lit and properly ventilated classrooms, computer labs, dance and drama room, library, and assembly area and playground provides a comfortable and organised environment.

Combined with this, we ensure utmost security of the students and hence we do not rely just on technology and have developed a strict manual system for surveillance of students’ movements and activities in the school premises. With this, ours is the only institution in the city that deals with and ensures a safe entry-exit of students.