What’s the need of two sets of books for going bag-less when one can do? Hence to support our bag-less concept, we have a well knit, unbeatable support system which includes meticulously designed worksheets along with the routine reading, learning and writing process at the school.

  • Every day, students carry one subject back home along with worksheets related to the topic they learn at school.
  • They re-read the lesson and solve the worksheets within due time. As the major learning portions are covered at the school itself, they revise the lessons and appear for regular tests.
  • The purpose of this approach is to reduce the learning pressure and develop students’ individual reading skills.
  • Students submit their worksheets along with the books and notebooks the next day to their mentors and the same are evaluated regularly.
  • In order to let things work smoothly, mentors keep a record of distribution and collection of these resources and avoid inaccuracy in the data.