Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Flourish conduct learning at school?

We execute and supervise major learning process at the School. Since students differ in capabilities, we follow a customized approach towards learning and make them learn at their own pace. However, recalling the matter at home is a must.

How would the parents be aware of the ongoing academics at the school?

The student’s diary bears everyday academics plans. Moreover, weekly distribution of books and notebooks help the parents check their ward’s progress.

What are your school hours?

It is a six and a half hour stay for students at the School, which includes a scheduled routine of activities and academics.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 30-35 students in pre-primary and primary, and 35-40 students in the middle sections.

How often can parents meet the mentor?

Parents can meet the Mentor in the regular Open House Meetings conducted every month. Apart from this, our mentors are available for meeting the parents one-on- one on every Saturday. Moreover, telephonic conversations with the Mentor can be arranged for the parents after making an appointment.

Do students get homework?

Apart from revising the lessons learnt at the School and solving the worksheets at home, students do not get any additional homework.

Which co-curricular activities does Flourish conduct?

We guide the students in sports, performing-arts and fine-arts. We also conduct timely outings for recreational and educational purposes.

Does Flourish have a canteen?

No, Flourish does not encourage junk food culture and hence we do not provide any canteen facility. Students are required to bring their lunch box from home. However, supplements are provided at the School on days when they don’t carry lunch box with them.

What medical assistance is provided during the school hours?

The school provides first aid and general medication in case of acute medical conditions. Students are advised to take a leave if suffering from chronic or serious disorders.

Are separate tuition classes required for students?

A six to seven hours stay at school is good enough for students to learn. Flourish does not recommend or force students to join separate tuitions. However, parents are free to use their own discretion.