A Strong Empire Is Built On A Strong Foundation Of Values


Flourish endeavours to be a centre of excellence and innovation, imparting knowledge and wisdom, and developing creative thinking, where students transform into a new generation of leaders.


A round the corner development of every individual belonging to us, thus creating a homely and positive environment for the kids and moulding them for a bright future. All it takes is strengthening our four pillars- People, Philosophy, Passion, and Practice.

PEOPLE‘All for one, one for all’
Students, Parents, Staff, no matter how different, they are our most important asset and Flourish has a complete regard for their progress. It takes all sorts to make a world and so we believe in prosperity of each of them.
Do it with passion or not at all. It is only when we sow passion and hard work, we reap the fruit of success. So instead of being merely interested, we believe in working with all our fervour and giving more than our best to achieve our educational goals.
We are not a group of extraordinary people, rather we are ordinary people doing things in the most extra-ordinary ways. We have the nerve to innovate techniques, accept changes and develop an off-centre approach towards teaching and learning strategies.
There is only one special child in the world and every mother has it. We consider children to be unique and special in a distinct way and hence we raise them as our own. We try our best to discover their innate uniqueness and harness it to maximise true learning. When our mentors teach, they ensure that each child should feel to be taught uniquely.