Welcome To The World Of Possibility And Innovation

Flourish Global School is a day boarding, CBSE curriculum based, co-education school, located in Bikaner. Situated amidst the top academic institutions of the city, Flourish has gained an identity of its own. The key feature that makes us stand apart is our belief that each child is a star for his parents and so must be raised likewise. Instead of teaching children what to think, we teach them how to think. The sole purpose of this is to transform each one of them into leaders of future and to inculcate in them self-reliance, responsibility and discipline. At Flourish, we strive not only to teach them facts but also to arouse enthusiasm and curiosity so they can ask questions. Thereupon, we motivate them to think deep and different so as to invent answers for their questions. This leads them to open their minds and expand their horizons.

Throughout the years, since the inception of the school, we have prepared children in such a way that they are able to face the challenging and competitive world and we are more than happy to have made a worthy contribution to their lives. Flourish declined the orthodox teaching practices and gave in way to an innovative technique based process that the children enjoy, as it reduces the pressure of learning and enables them to learn in an interesting and engaging manner. We believe that each child is special and flourishes when allowed to be himself. With this ideology, we continue to work with utmost passion to transform our students into global learners.