Flourish is a K-8 school where kids enjoy a wonderful sense of continuity. We create a community environment around students so that we know them well and involve new members too. This helps us to get optimal emotional and social outcomes. Proper emphasis is laid on fulfilling academic requirements of each grade.

Kindergarten (Nursery to Upper Kindergarten)

In their initial years, children need not just the laying of a strong academic foundation, but also the urge to develop an interest towards academics. Drawing our inspiration from this, we have developed an all embracing academic programme for the children of kindergarten that indulges them in a playway method of learning.

Primary (Grades 1 to 5)

Accepting a customised approach rather than a centralised one is what helps us instil academic values in students of the primary grades. We try to create a child friendly methodology and let kids evolve their own learning system through various inputs like demonstrative, graphical and narrative.

Middle (Grades 6 to 8)

The middle years play a crucial role in the future endeavours of a student by developing a sense of curiosity and a good appetite for learning. Hence, an introductory as well as in-depth approach is adopted for the middle years wherein the child gets familiar with different genre of academics and determines the importance of each.